About Us

keralalotteryresultss.in is brought to you by a small, dedicated team of professional writers, lottery experts and local Indian talent. Having all spent time living in India, The Team recognised the chaos that surrounds news, false news, rumour and hearsay. This is no more evident than in the haphazard sector of lotteries, both online and in the street.

Indian Lotteries seem to come and go on a daily basis, winning numbers aren't announced until a week or so after the drawing and no reliable source existed for the dissemination of reliable lottery results. Scams are rife.

And so keralalotteryresultss.in was born with the mission to "Bring reliability to the World" - a website that people could trust to report the correct winning numbers and results in a timely manner.

About Kerala lottery

Lottery in Kerala is legal because it is run by the Kerala government. So, if anyone thinks that the lottery is illegal, you're wrong. We only focus on lottery results in the Kerala state. There is a specific lottery draw every day, and our aim is to publish the results immediately for the audience.