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Kerala lottery result today for Win win will be announced shortly. The Winwin lottery result is scheduled to be drawn today, 2-10-2023, at 3 PM, and the official lottery department portal will release the results at 4 PM, as is the daily practice. There, you can access the Kerala lottery result chart and download it as a PDF file. 

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Kerala Lottery 1-10-2023

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Kerala lottery result today

Kerala Lotteries typically announce the results live starting at 2:55 PM daily, and you can find the official PDF of Winwin W-738 Results on their official website after 4:30 PM. We encourage everyone to stay tuned to this page for today's Kerala Lottery Win win W 738 Result. 

Kerala Lottery Result Live @ 03:00pm

Kerala Lottery Date of Draw: 2/10/2023 Winwin W 738 Winners Numbers

Unfortunately, there is no lottery draw scheduled for today, and the Kerala lottery result for today has been cancelled. Stay tuned for the next scheduled draw for a chance to win.

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Let's go through the prize distribution for today's Kerala Lottery Result:

• 1st Prize: ₹75,00,000/-

• Consolation Prize: ₹8,000/-

• 2nd Prize: ₹5,00,000/-

• 3rd Prize: ₹1,00,000/-

• 4th Prize: ₹5,000/-

• 5th Prize: ₹2,000/-

• 6th Prize: ₹1,000/-

• 7th Prize: ₹500/-

• 8th Prize: ₹100/-

Winners of the Kerala lottery today can easily claim prizes up to Rs. 5,000/- from any lottery shop in Kerala. However, for amounts exceeding Rs. 5,000/-, winners will need to surrender their winning tickets at a bank or government lottery office, along with valid ID proof.

Keep in mind, there's a 30% tax deduction on the total prize amount, and the agent's commission stands at 10%. For in-depth details regarding the Kerala Lottery Prize claim process and Kerala Lottery Prize Structures, please visit the respective pages.


To begin, check the Kerala lottery result either on our website or the official Kerala lottery website. The initial announcement of the result is made on the official portal,, and is promptly updated on our platform. You can easily access the Kerala lottery result PDF file for your convenience.

If your ticket number matches the winning numbers in the Kerala Lottery result file and you've won, you can proceed to claim your prize money. Below, we've provided a list of offices organized by prize money amounts where you can collect your winnings.

Winning Amount: Submit the Claim Form to
5000 Rs and Below Amount Ticket Agents
1 Lakh Rs and Below Amount Department of District Lottery Offices
1 Lakh Rs and Below (Other State) Department of Directorate
1 Lakh Rs or Above Amount Department of Director of State Lotteries
1 Lakh Rs to 20 Lakhs Rs Amount Department of Deputy Director
20 lakhs and Above Amount Department of Director

Kerala State Lottery Resultsകേരള സംസ്ഥാന ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി

The Winwin lottery ticket comes with 9 prizes, including a consolation prize. The top prize winner receives a whopping "75 Lakhs" rupees, while the second and third prizes amount to 5 lakhs and 1 lakh respectively (with one prize in each series). In total, 253 826, prizes are distributed to the winners. The lottery agency deducts 10% from the first to third prize amounts, and this sum is given to the agents who sold the winning tickets. As for the 4th to 8th prizes and the consolation prize, the agent's commission of 10% is provided from the fund allotted by the government.


The Kerala Lottery is a special lottery program managed by the Government of Kerala. It all began in 1967 when the government set up the lottery department, marking the pioneering lottery initiative in India. The very first lottery ticket was sold on November 1, 1967, and the inaugural draw was conducted on January 26, 1968.

The main aim behind starting the Kerala Lottery was to raise funds for the state government and offer an enjoyable activity for the public. It turned out to be a remarkable success right from the start and has now grown to become one of the most popular lotteries in India. Many have met their financial responsibilities through Kerala lottery winnings.

Two types of lottery is currently available 1. Weekly lottery and 2. Bumper. The weekly lotteries, held every day of the week, are the most sought after. Additionally, special bumper lotteries are conducted on significant occasions like Vishu, Onam, and Christmas.

To participate in the Kerala Lottery, individuals need to buy a ticket from authorized lottery agents. Ticket prices range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100, depending on the specific game. Once a ticket is bought, the player chooses a number or a set of numbers. During a public draw, the winning numbers are randomly selected.

You can catch the Kerala Lottery Results live today on popular Malayalam TV channels like Kairali TV, Kaumudy TV, and Jai Hind TV. The live video telecast of the weekly lottery results usually begins at 2:55 pm. However, on certain special days with multiple draws, the live streaming begins a bit earlier at 2 pm. This live telecast is made possible by the Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT), an organization under the Government of Kerala dedicated to adapting technology for the general public.

The impact of the Kerala Lottery on the state's progress has been significant. The revenue generated from the lottery is utilized to support various social welfare initiatives like education, healthcare, and housing. 

Frequently asked question about kerala lottery

1. What is the number of Kerala Lottery Centre?

You can call at 1800 425 8474 for registering complaints

2. Is Kerala Lottery online genuine?

In Kerala, the operation of online lottery has been prohibited. Agents are strictly prohibited from selling lottery tickets through the internet or any other medium without obtaining prior permission from the Director. Only the sale of physical tickets is allowed within the regulations.

3. How many lotteries are printed in Kerala?

Kerala State Lotteries organize seven weekly lotteries every week, a monthly draw each month, and six bumper lotteries each year. 

4. Can other state people buy Kerala lottery tickets?

Yes, individuals visiting or residing in Kerala are eligible to purchase lottery tickets and claim any winnings.

5. Which state lottery is best in India?

KERALA LOTTERY is the best and popular in India.

6. Where is the head office of Kerala lottery?

Kerala lottery head office is situated in Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram

7. How can I get lottery prize money in Kerala?

Winners need to present their lottery tickets to the Kerala State Lottery Department within a one-month timeframe to claim their prize money.

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